Improving the Visitor Experience

Written by Lindsey Mackay

Day 3 kicked off with Mela introducing the group to some of the weird and not so wonderful pests that like to munch on textiles. We were treated to photographs of carpet beetles, clothes moths, mould and rats which may have come a little bit too soon after a large Albanian breakfast.

After coffee we had an interpretation session to come up with a draft plan for a booklet for adult tourists visiting the Ethnographic Museum. It was great to see everyone sharing ideas and discussing how to improve the visitor experience. We narrowed these ideas down by voting – which involved some very snazzy orange stickers. Half of the group will use the content generated in this session to inform their booklet for tourists. The other half will create a booklet for school children inspired by yesterday’s session and a questionnaire given to local children before our visit.

Armed with our draft plans for interpretation booklets, some sticky traps and environmental monitoring equipment we set off back to the Ethnographic Museum.  The group spent the afternoon checking the light and humidity levels in four different rooms of the museum, setting pest traps and discussing their interpretation projects.

The group then shared feedback from their environmental monitoring and observations in the museum. By this time they had seen evidence of pests and even spotted some of the pesky moths themselves. They made recommendations on how they would prevent further damage and will be developing their ideas and making improvements in these areas over the following days.

A trip to the Castle Museum was complicated by a power cut and so the group were given an unplanned experience of visiting an exhibition with extremely low lux levels.