Last Day of Lectures

Written by Azra Becevic-Sarenkapa

A sunny morning for the last day of lectures! To wake people up we had Charley’s informal lecture and demo on stitching. She took us through a process of stabilising a textile using a needle and thread. Participants had a chance to see samples of different types of pins, needles, and also various ways of conserving textiles on their own samples. For some people this was the first time they came across a curved needle, but others had experience of using them before.  Everyone had a chance to try different types of stitching on their own sample of cotton material.

We used our break to try some traditional sweets at Gjiroart. We had a homemade crème caramel pudding and along with that we heard about different possibilities and ways to employ women from Gjirokaster in making great souvenirs.

Lyndsey continued with a lecture on interpretation methods – exploring different ways of making exhibitions interesting and accessible for all groups of people. Creating exhibitions for different types of visitors should be the most important goal for every museum, because interpretation is not just text on the wall.

After the traditional lunch and once again traditional sweets – this time tulumba  - we finally started conservation work at the Ethnographic Museum. Separated in groups, the participants started to work on their tasks: making the storage areas more accessible; doing proper housekeeping procedures in the dining room and making improvements and treatments for the objects which are poorly exhibited at the museum. We also had a professional photographer taking photos of us working on different projects so we do not have to worry too much about the quality of photographs which we are taking for a while. The afternoon passed very quickly because we were working really hard trying to make progress on our work charts as well as to be able to see changes and try different things.