Heritage Without Borders projects bring together participants from across Europe. These projects give early-stage museum professionals and recent graduates the chance to develop their skills and meet like-minded people.

Conservation can sometimes feel like quite an insular and even self-indulgent activity.  Working in a museum is a privilege but as in most workplaces, it is easy to lose perspective of the bigger picture.  I believe that volunteering with such organisations as HwB is a great way to keep yourself grounded and remain outwardly focused.

Alex Cantrill, HWB volunteer on the Regional Restoration Camps project, 2015

Thank you again for your amazing work to what has been the best camp in Mitrovica so far

Mirian Bllaci, Project Manager, Cultural Heritage without Borders Albania

It's humbling to see people who have been the centre of so much conflict to be so undefeated, we encountered nothing but welcoming and friendly people ... going to Mitrovica highlights the fact that even with so limited resources they are still striving to improve their museum the best they can. Our knowledge really helps them to do this.

Pieta Greaves, HWB volunteer on the Regional Restoration Camps project, 2015.